Eucalyptus globulus, a cousin to the myrtle tree, is an evergreen tree that can grow more than 60 meters high, and it is this gigantic size that earned eucalyptus such renown. In Australia, their homeland, some eucalyptus species attain colossal proportions: one specimen reached 130 meters, and it is not uncommon for their basal diameter to span 10 meters. The name comes from the Greek Eu, which means “good” and kalipto, “cover,” referring to the flowers’ feature of having sepals and petals joined together to protect the stamens. Also called Blue Gum, Southern Blue Gum, or Tasmanian Blue Gum, the Eucalyptus globulus has bluish bark that comes off in long strips. The leaves, when young, are silvery-blue, while the mature, drooping leaves are of a deep green. The essential oil is distilled from the leafy branches of Eucalyptus globulus. It has an herbaceous, fresh, cineolic fragrance with the characteristic camphor odor of medicinal ointments.

Galvanized Iron Drums 58.5 X 58.5 X 88.4 = 0.30 Cbm Gross weight of 1 Drum: 180 + 21 = 201 Kg. 
Fibre Drums 35 X 35 X 56 = 0.07 Cbm Gross weight of 1 Fibre Drum: 25 + 4.1 = 29.100 Kg. 
Alum. Bottles Capacity 25 Kg
Pallet – G.I. Drums 112 X 112 X 14 Cm  Contains 4 G.I. Drums – Single layer
Pallet – Fibre Drums 108 X 108 X 14  Cm      Contains 27 Fibre Drums – Triple layer
Pallet – Fibre Drums 108 X 108 X 14  Cm      Contains 18 Fibre Drums – Triple layer


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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil