A key plant in the perfumery industry, the geranium rosa – a pretty plant with pale-pink flowers – hides its scent in its downy leaves. This foliage is covered with secretory hairs containing the essential oil, giving off a pleasant rose scent when rubbed or crushed. The leafy branches are harvested in summer and fresh-distilled to produce an essential oil with notes of rose, lemon, and mint. The olfactory characteristics of geranium rosa vary depending on the characteristics of the soil in which it is cultivated: Geranium essential oil produced in China has a herbaceous facet not found in the oil of the Egyptian-grown plant. Geranium rosa belongs to the genus Pelargonium.

Galvanized Iron Drums 58.5 X 58.5 X 88.4 = 0.30 Cbm Gross weight of 1 Drum: 180 + 21 = 201 Kg. 
Fibre Drums 35 X 35 X 56 = 0.07 Cbm Gross weight of 1 Fibre Drum: 25 + 4.1 = 29.100 Kg. 
Alum. Bottles Capacity 25 Kg
Pallet – G.I. Drums 112 X 112 X 14 Cm  Contains 4 G.I. Drums – Single layer
Pallet – Fibre Drums 108 X 108 X 14  Cm      Contains 27 Fibre Drums – Triple layer
Pallet – Fibre Drums 108 X 108 X 14  Cm      Contains 18 Fibre Drums – Triple layer


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Geranium Oil

Geranium Oil