Citronella is a grass native to India and Ceylon. Nicknamed “citron grass” or “West Indian lemongrass” because of the leaves’ powerful lemony scent, it is often confused with melissa or verbena. Citronella is an evergreen plant that forms dense tufts of smooth stems. The long, fragrant leaves are narrow, linear, and stiff. The essential oil is extracted from plants grown in Sri Lanka. They have a life expectancy of six to eight years and reach their maximum essential-oil yield the third and fourth years. Citronella plants are cut with a sickle and gathered in bundles before being transported to distilleries. The resulting essential oil has a fresh herbaceous fragrance with a citral-like note.

Galvanized Iron Drums 58.5 X 58.5 X 88.4 = 0.30 Cbm Gross weight of 1 Drum: 180 + 21 = 201 Kg. 
Fibre Drums 35 X 35 X 56 = 0.07 Cbm Gross weight of 1 Fibre Drum: 25 + 4.1 = 29.100 Kg. 
Alum. Bottles Capacity 25 Kg
Pallet – G.I. Drums 112 X 112 X 14 Cm  Contains 4 G.I. Drums – Single layer
Pallet – Fibre Drums 108 X 108 X 14  Cm      Contains 27 Fibre Drums – Triple layer
Pallet – Fibre Drums 108 X 108 X 14  Cm      Contains 18 Fibre Drums – Triple layer



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Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil